Our Why- 

My name is Jason Singer.  I grew up around the construction and home building business.  Since I was a little kid working with my dad I’ve always had a dream to bring my competitive nature and passion for design to the home building industry.  In 2015 I looked around the industry and saw a need for a builder to step up with high quality, fashionable products to replace the typical drab, “basic builder” homes in Berkeley county.  People have been accepting the norms and building the same old tired way in this industry forever. We want to change that and bring Berkeley county homes into the 21st century by offering the latest design trends and high-end finishes as our “Base Grade”.  

Intrepid Builders mission is to build fashionable and functional homes that provide solutions for life’s daily problems.    

Our core values:

Think BIG-  

Many issues are often just symptoms of a larger problem.  By thinking Big, playing detective and digging into the next level of every opportunity or issue we will see how things affect one another.  Perhaps many issues can be tracked back to a single source then fixed with a single stroke.

Build Solutions-  

We really listen to what our clients are telling us.  We want to understand your challenges. By understanding your situation we can design and build a solution for your unique circumstances.  

People before Profits-

Issues arise.  And when they do, we believe in going the extra mile to make it right.  We believe that no matter what, people should come before profits. No matter what the expense, people should always be taken care of and treated fairly.

Results now-

We’re constantly assessing the market for opportunities and threats.  We make decisions quickly and move relentlessly towards our goals, adjusting as needed along the way.  Adversity is just part of life, we overcome obstacles as a team and don’t make excuses.

Grow or Die-  

We recognize that enrichment and personal growth are key to living a happy successful life.  When you stop growing personally or in business your presence in that field will die. Adapt to your situation and Never stop growing!


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