We will build on your lot and help you find one. We can help guide you through the financing process.

Let's Talk

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Consult With Us

Let’s talk about your family plans.  What are your goals?  We can answer the questions and help get you there. 

Find some land

We can build on your lot or help you find a lot.  Check with us because sometimes we have some lots available. 

Choose financing

We can offer a handful of very good local lenders who know how to get deals done smoothly.

Create a Budget

Once you’ve talked to the bank you have an idea what you can afford to spend. 

Select a Plan

We’ll use your plans or you can select from our library of plans.  How many bedrooms? Open concept? One Level or 2? We can also have your plans modified if they aren’t exactly what you want. 

Get a Proposal

Now that we have your plans, we will look at your building lot to determine the cost for your foundation, utilities, driveway, grading etc. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to get a home priced so be patient.  Stay engaged because there may be some questions for you along the way.


Once we have agreed on a price to build your new home we’ll write up a contract that you can take to the bank.  This will include a set of drawings, and a list of specs and finishes. 


The bank will use the documents we provided to have the property and home appraised.  This usually takes about 30 days.


When the bank is ready, you will close on your loan.  The bank holds the money in escrow and disperses funds as the house is being built.


we’ll put all the drawings and documents together for the inspectors.  This usually takes 3-4 weeks to get a permit. 


Let us handle it from here.  We will have scheduled walk throughs along the way to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. 

Move In

Grab your friends and get some beer and pizzas its time to move! 

Have a Party

You know you will, and we hope you invite us to the epic bash!